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The California Coastal Commission (CCC) is a highly politicized independent state agency with quasi-judicial regulatory oversight over land use and public access in the California Coastal Zone.The Coastal Commission plans and regulates the use of land, provision of public access to and along the coast and protection of coastal resources within the coastal zone under the Coastal Act of 1976. This state authority controls construction of buildings, divisions of land, and activities that change the intensity of use of land or public access to coastal waters, along California's approximately 1,100 miles of shoreline. The Commission is comprised of 12 voting members,
6 appointed from the general public and 6 elected officials all appointed equally (4 each) by the Governor, the Senate Rules Committee, and the Speaker of the Assembly.

This agency's stated mission is to  "Protect, conserve, restore and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations."

Marina Dunes Resort Habitat Restoration
Monterey Bay, Marina, California

Examples of WPC California Coastal Zone Services:
  • Coastal Development Permits (CDP)
  •  Local Coastal Program (LCP) Interpretations and Amendments
  • California Coastal Commission Appeals of Local Permit Actions
  • California Coastal Commission Negotiations and Owner Representation

The CCC has jurisdiction (in some cases - primary permit jurisdiction and in other cases on appeal only) over real estate projects measured from the Mean High Tide Line to generally 1,000 feet inland, in regards to issues such as:
  • Shoreline public access
  • Recreation
  • Lower cost visitor accommodations
  • Terrestrial and marine habitat protection
  • Visual resources
  • Landform alterations
  • Agricultural lands
  • Industrial uses
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Water quality
  • Offshore oil and gas development
  • Transportation
  • Development design
  • Construction and remodeling of buildings
  • Divisions of Land
  • Power plants
  • Ports
  • Public works
  • Activities that change the intensity of land use or public access to coastal waters


Sea Venture Hotel and Restaurant
Pismo Beach, California

Marina Dunes Resort
Monterey Bay, Marina, California


Dolphin Bay Resort Condominium Hotel
Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Municipal Pier Restoration
Pismo Beach, California

Costanoa Campgrounds and Resort
Half Moon Bay, California


Cave Landing Ranch, Avila Beach, California

Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort East Meadows Expansion
Avila Beach, California

Fossil Pointe Resort Master Plan for Unocal Tank Farm Restoration, Avila Beach, California

Avila Hot Springs Master Plan, Avila Beach, California

Meta Creations R&D Facility, Carpinteria, California

STW Office Building, Carpinteria, California

Turbodyne Office Building, Carpinteria, California

Rincon Resort Hotel Development, Carpinteria, California

Pismo Beach Local Coastal Program Certification
by the California Coastal Commission

San Luis Obispo County Local Coastal Program Amendment for Vacation Club Uses

Cliffs Resort Hotel Seawall and Blufftop Restoration Project, Pismo Beach, California

Cliffs Resort Hotel Restaurant Expansion
and Parking Lot Redevelopment
Pismo Beach, California

Main Street Vacation Rentals, Pismo Beach, California

South Palisades Tract 2129, Shell Beach, California

Mattie Road Tract 2165, Shell Beach, California

South Palisades Specific Plan, Shell Beach, California

SeaVenture Hotel, Pismo Beach, California

Addie Street Vacation Rentals, Pismo Beach, California

Dolphin Bay Resort Condominium Hotel
Pismo Beach, California

Inn at Morro Bay Resort, Morro Bay, California

Local Coastal Program Amendment Establishing
Vacation Club Uses in Marina LCP

Marina Dunes Resort, Monterey Bay, Marina, California

The Collection at Monterey Resort, Sand City, California

Fernwood Campground and Hotel Resort,
Big Sur, California

La Bahia Historic Hotel Renovation, Santa Cruz, California

Costanoa Campgrounds and Resort,
Half Moon Bay, California

Oyster Point Mixed-Use Commercial, Office and Hotel,
South San Francisco, California

Bodega Bay Hotel, Bodega Bay, California

McCarthy Residence
Cave Landing Ranch
Avila Beach, California

The Collection At Monterey Resort
Sand City, California

List Residence
Malibu, California

Bodega Bay Hotel
Bodega Bay, California

Sycamore Mineral Springs
Avila Beach
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